Celebrate Life in Lewis County's Communities
Festival Season Takes Flight With Vader's May Day

Lewis County's communities are well-known regionally for their festivals. Morton has the annual Loggers' Jubilee, Centralia celebrates Summerfest and Napavine comes together for its annual Napavine Funtime Festival.

(And that's not even half of the celebrations in Lewis County!)

But the start to each festival season takes place in Vader, the southernmost town in Lewis County. The May Day Festival takes place annually, as it has for decades, on the first Saturday of each May. This year's day-long celebration welcomes everyone to town May 7.

Vader sits about 6 miles west of Interstate 5 in far south Lewis County. Founded in the 1880s as Little Falls, the town was home to a post office, hotel, general store and more. Today the community of about 600 people enjoys a quiet rural life not far from the Cowlitz River and the forests to the west that sustained the local economy for decades.

The Vader May Day Festival celebrates the fabric of the town, which today is home to McMurphy Park and the small waterfall the town was originally named for. Werden Park, in the center of Vader, will serve as the festival's centerpiece with a variety of games and food offerings, and it's adjacent to this year's parade route too.

Each year, the May Day Festival brings hundreds of people from inside and outside Vader together to discover more about the town's history, enjoy games and contests, and ring in Lewis County's festival season. Come support the Vader community, learn about its colorful history, enjoy some local foods and more!

The May Day Festival starts around mid-morning, and activities last through the afternoon.

Discover community celebrations that begin in Vader with May Day, and better yet make a day of it by checking out all our South region has to offer in Toledo, Winlock and the surrounding communities!