Replenishing Our Rivers
Much-Needed Rain Comes to Lewis County

The lack of rain has led to low river levels and a lower salmon run than predicted, but Sunday put us on a good path to making up for it. Snow is even falling in our mountains too!

The rain came a day before restrictions on salmon fishing went into effect Monday morning on the Skookumchuck, Chehalis and Newaukum rivers, with salmon fishing banned in those rivers until further notice. That’s one major by-product of the lack of rain we’ve seen in Lewis County this year in general, which is why Sunday’s rains were more than welcome.

The rain that fell over a 24-hour period served to replenish area rivers to a decent degree. East Lewis County saw more rain than the other portions of our region, with 1.34 inches of rain falling in Morton and 1.67 near Mount Rainier National Park. We still received a healthy amount along the I-5 corridor, with anywhere from 0.4 to 0.67 inches of rain being collected at monitoring stations.

River levels as of Monday morning have gone up accordingly, but still aren’t anywhere near what we normally see this time of year. The rain has helped, bringing the Cowlitz River at Packwood up from 1.85 feet Saturday morning to 2.42 feet as of 9 a.m. Monday. Over that same time period, the Chehalis River at Doty went from 1.45 feet to 1.83 feet and the Nisqually River at National rose from 3.82 to 4.68 feet.

Those are encouraging signs for folks who love to get out on the water, and especially for fishermen as an increase in water levels are better for fish habitat. This week should bring about more scattered rain throughout Lewis County and even further help the situation!

The rain in the lowlands also brought snow to the White Pass area, with five inches of new snow falling. White Pass Ski Area was especially excited about the news.

Anyone else refreshing their browser every 2 minutes until first light to see SNOW!?! Snowing 5,000' level and above! YAY! http://skiwhitepass.com/the-mountain/mountain-cam.aspx

Posted by White Pass Ski Area on Monday, October 26, 2015

Is this a good sign for winter? We're hoping so!