So named for its origins as a mining town, Mineral is just a few miles south of the Lewis and Pierce County line on State Route 7. This cozy little community is home to a few respites for travelers coming down from Pierce County or heading up to Mount Rainier from Morton.

Mineral Lake offers some of the best fishing in Lewis County, and the town hosts anglers from all over to enjoy the opening weekend of Washington’s lowland lake fishing season each year. The lake is home to catch pens in which several thousand trout are reared annually.

Mineral is the home of the Mineral School, which has been transformed into a beautiful artists’ residency nestled in the mountains. It's also central to the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad, which offers scenic rides to the public between Mineral and Elbe.

Whether you’re traveling to Mount Rainier or just stopping through on a scenic road trip, stop in at Mineral and enjoy the scenery, stay an evening at local lodging and enjoy life in one of Lewis County’s quietest locations!

(Cover image credit: John Farrell McDonald on Flickr)

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