Lewis County Farm Guide

Discover Lewis County has partnered with the Lewis County Farm Bureau and the Washington State University Extension Lewis County office to bring you the Lewis County Farm Guide, a listing of farms across our county that offer everything from fresh fruit and veggies to cheeses, meats and more. Farmers all across Lewis County are happy to not only offer their products for sale at their farms and farmers' markets, but also to give a glimpse of their farms to those who might want to get a look. Below you'll find a list of farms from one end of Lewis County to another that you can visit. Take a look at the info and be sure to contact the farm you're interested in for more details on setting up a visit. Come discover our farms here in Lewis County, buy their products, get a look at true rural life and let them know their hard work is appreciated!





Owners: Adam & Julie Gullett Contact: 360.807.4693 or info@seedpodfarm.com

Online: seedpodfarm.com - Seedpod Farm Facebook Location: 2330 Howard Ave., Centralia

Activities/Services: CSA, Agritourism, U-Pick, Festival, On-Farm Sales, Classes/Workshops, Children/Family Activities,

Specialty: Vegetables, Tree Fruits, Berries (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, misc. such as currants, etc.) Poultry, Eggs, Honey, Cut Flowers, Vegetable/Herb plants, Hay


Seedpod Farm is a family owned and operated farm on the banks of the Skookumchuck River just north of downtown Centralia. We aim to be good stewards of the land, producing naturally grown products utilizing sustainable, low-impact farming methods. Our educational offerings and seasonal festivals provide an opportunity for on-the-farm fun while supporting other local producers and artisans. With an eye towards sustainability, we choose breeds of animals that are on the The Livestock Conservancy's list of endangered species. Nearly 150 varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs are cultivated on the farm. Making the most of what the land has to offer, we also create a variety of value added products available seasonally. We're just getting started, so come check us out at Seedpod Farm!



Owners: Sharon & Gary McCool Contact: (360) 520-3806 or gsmccool@gmail.com

Online: RosecrestFarms.org - Rosecrest Farms Facebook Location: 439 Spooner Road, Chehalis (Adna) Open: Friday through Wednesday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Activities/Services: Agritourism, On-Farm Sales, Wholesale, Online Store/Ordering, Sell at Farmers Markets

Specialty: Certified Organic Dairy


We are a family owned and operated, certified organic dairy. Our milk is shipped to Organic Valley. With a small portion of the milk, we handcraft a variety of Swiss Cheese. The farm was established in 1903 by the Raschke family, selling in 2000 to the current owners Gary and Sharon McCool. We milk about 140 registered Milk Shorthorns, raising all our own replacements. The girls' beautiful red, white, & roan colors are beautiful grazing on the big green fields!


3. Mustard Seed Farm


Owners: Tim & Deanna Brix Contact: (714) 308-8774 or bunnies2@pacbell.net

Location: Chehalis Open: Call for more information and directions

Activities/Services: Agritourism, On-Farm Sales

Specialty: Vegetables, small fruits/berries, tree fruits, poultry, eggs, beef, other meat/exotic animals, cut flowers, vegetable/herb plants, farm related crafts


The Mustard Seed Heritage Farm is a 22-acre homestead family farm and forest operation. We focus on blending old-school skills and knowledge with science and technology to maximize productivity while minimizing the impact of our farming and forestry practices. Our farm focuses on heritage breeds, heirloom vegetables and flowers. Livestock include beef and dairy cattle, dairy and meat goats, chickens, turkeys, geese and bees. We are excited to share what can be accomplished on a very modest farm. It is a work in progress established in 2012. We encourage you to come "feel the farm and forest"; it's nature’s own therapeutic environment.



Owners: Stephen Hueffed & Amy Turnbull Contact: (360) 291-3937 or stephen@willapahillsfarm.com & amy@willapahillsfarm.com

Online: WillapaHillsFarm.com - Willapa Hills Farm Facebook Location: 4680 State Route 6, Doty Open: Daily 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. except holidays

Activities/Services: Agritourism, Venue Rental, On-Farm Sales, Wholesale, Classes/Workshops, Online Store/Ordering

Specialty: Eggs, beef, milk, fresh & aged cheese


Since 2008, Willapa Hills Creamery has been handcrafting award-winning artisan cheese on our historic farmstead near Doty. We are licensed dairy processors partnering with two local family dairy farms, producing a combination of seasonal and year-round cow and sheep/cow milk blend cheeses.



Owners: Glenn & Wisten Aldrich Contact: (360) 983-3138 or galdrich@tds.net

Online: AldrichBerryFarm.com - Aldrich Berry Farm Facebook Location: 190 Aldrich Rd., Mossyrock Open: During blueberry season, Monday through Sunday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm; call for an appointment out of season

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales, Wholesale

Specialty: Small fruits/berries, blueberries, landscape materials, native plants for revegetation, B & B conifer trees, reforestation seedlings and transplants.


Please see our website at www.aldrichberryfarm.com. Our farm was the first commercial blueberry operation in Lewis County. We've operated since 1944 and run a nursery since 1970.


6. Chrisman Farms


Owners: Dennis & Patsy Chrisman Contact: (360) 269-6039 or dennisc926@gmail.com

Online: ChrismanFarm.com - Chrisman Farm Facebook Location: 1401 State Route 6, Chehalis Open: Contact for an appointment

Activities/Services: CSA, On-Farm Sales, Wholesale, Sell at Farmers Markets

Specialty: Vegetables, Small fruits (grapes/kiwi etc.), Tree Fruits, Berries (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Misc. such as currants, etc.), Value added (jams, jellies/preserves), Cut Flowers


We are a small family farm taking the fruit we grow and making it into jams and jellies.


7. Newaukum Valley Harvest


Owners: Dana & Dennis Styger Contact: (360) 508-0213 or nvh@q.com

Online: Newaukum Valley Harvest Facebook Location: 595 SW Hillburger Rd., Chehalis Open: Mid July - Nov: Monday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales

Specialty: Beef, Eggs, Grains, Hay, Poultry, Vegetable/herb plants, FARM FRESH DAILY PICKED SWEET CORN


We are a small custom farm that also sells; picked fresh daily Sweet Corn, farm fresh colorful eating and hatching eggs, grass fed Angus Beef. We sell our own combined grain (Wheat and Oats this Year), Hay, Haylage and Straw. We have a convenient Farm Stand Located near the Steam Train in Chehalis.


8. Heidi’s Farm, Inc.


Owner: Jeff Saint Aubyn Contact: (360) 981-0592 or northwestnaturalbeef@gmail.com Online: Heidi's Farm, Inc. Facebook Location: 11526 U.S. Highway 12, Randle Open: By appointment

Activities/Services: Agritourism, Festival, On-Farm Sales

Specialty: Poultry, eggs, beef, pork, Oils/lotions/soaps/cosmetics


We are dedicated to providing safe, healthy, and good tasting foods to the public. We are also very much concerned with educating the public on what it actually takes to produce food. All of our livestock are pasture raised, with no added hormones or antibiotics.


9. Busy Family Farm


Owner: Helen Nowlin Contact: (360) 635-3437 or helen@educationalfamilyestateapps.com Location: Glenoma Open: Contact for appointment; call for directions

Activities/Services: CSA, U-Pick, Children/Family Activities

Specialty: Vegetables, Small Fruits/Berries, Baked goods, Eggs, Vinegars/Pickled/Fermented Products, Cut Flowers, Dried herbs


We are a farm expanding services from grapes to wine, dried herbs for cooking and medicinal uses and everything in between — because you need a friend when it comes to your health (#BFF).


10. Woodbine Flower Farm



Online: woodbinefarmflowers.com Location: 4064 Cooks Hill rd Open: Flower Farmstand Friday-Sunday

Activities/Services:  Classes/workshops, On farm sales, Online store/ordering, Wholesale

Specialty: Cut flowers


Woodbine Flower Farm grows and arranges fragrant, heirloom and unusual flowers, foliages, vines, and grains for lush, one-of-a-kind garden-style floral arrangements, wedding flowers, and market bouquets.



Owners: Janean Parker & Tony Citrhyn Contact: (360) 748-3031 or info@threefeathersemu.com Online: ThreeFeathersEmus.com - 3 Feathers Emus Facebook Location: Chehalis Open: May – September; contact for appointment and directions

Activities/Services: Agritourism, Festival, On-Farm Sales, Wholesale, Classes/Workshops, Online Store/Ordering, Children/Family Activities, Sell at Famers Markets

Specialty: Other meat, exotic animals, oils/lotions/soaps/cosmetics


We are a family owned and operated emu ranch. Our mission is to provide you premium emu oil products as a natural alternative for your skin and health. Emu oil is “the best thing you can do for your skin.” It’s a fast absorbing moisturizer and also soothes soreness. Our AEA Certified Fully Refined oil is used in our soaps, lotions and body care products to make them very effective. We also sell meat, eggs, and emu feather and leather crafts. Give us a call to come see the emus and try our products for yourself.


12. Cournyer Cattle Co.


Contact: (360)880-2554 or allisoncournyer@gmail.com

Online: facebook.com/Cournyer-Cattle-Co-339416703277467/ Open: Contact for appointment

Activities/Services: Sells at farmer's market

Specialty: Beef


We are a family that turned a little hobby inot a big hobby! We are located in Mossyrock Wa. We have grass fed beef, mostly Black Angus. We offer whole and half beef sales and always have burger available.


13. Haven Homestead


Owners: Chris & Lindsey Hodge Contact: (360) 978-5668 or havenhomestead2009@gmail.com

Online: HavenHomestead.com Location: 3479 Centralia Alpha Rd., Onalaska Open: Contact for appointment

Activities/Services: Agritourism, On-Farm Sales, Classes/Workshops, Online Store/Ordering, Children/Family activities, Sell at Farmers Markets

Specialty: Vegetables, Small Fruits/Berries, Tree Fruits, Poultry, Eggs, Other Meat/Exotic Animals:, Fruit trees/shrubs


Here at Haven Homestead, we are interested in learning and teaching how to live a sustainable life. We have a podcast, a couple of blogs, books, and we teach classes through Centralia College's Continuing Ed program.



Owner: Burke Deming Contact: (360) 785-4576 or burke@olequafarm.com Online: OlequaFarm.com, Olequa Farm Facebook Location: 1785 Ferrier Rd., Winlock Open: CSA boxes delivered May to October; Tours and other special orders available by appointment

Activities/Services: CSA, U-Pick, On-Farm Sales, Sells at Farmers Markets

Specialty: Vegetables, Tree Fruits, Berries (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, misc. such as currants, etc)


OlequaFarm provides an extensive variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries to families in our local community. Delivery to your door in a large Coleman cooler provides everything from artichokes to zucchini. Many crops are grown in the ground in a hoophouse, allowing a greater assortment of culinary fun.



Owner: Justin Claibourn Contact: (253) 318-2317 or cowlitzfallslavender@outlook.com Online: CowlitzFallsLavender.com - Cowlitz Falls Lavender Facebook Location: 136 Falls Rd., Randle Open: Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend; hours are Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Activities/Services: Agritourism, U-Pick, On-Farm Sales, Wholesale, Classes/Workshops, Online Store/Ordering, Children/Family activities, Sell at Farmers Markets

Specialty: Value added (jams, jellies/preserves), Cut Flowers, Vegetable/Herb plants, Lavender


Our farm provides a high quality product to your family for a variety of amazing uses. Explore our site for information on our project, ideas for your own lavender projects, and lavender in general! Stop in to cut some of your own amazing lavender, take a few photos in the field, shop our seasonal farm stand, or check out our website to shop our value added products all year long.


16. Beaver Hills Farm


Owner: Thomas & Janet Meade Contact: (360) 983-3218 or meade1094@gmail.com

Online: BeaverHillsFarms.com - Beaver Hills Farm Facebook Location: 131 W. State St., Mossyrock Open: Call for appointment

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales

Specialty: Beef, Irish Dexter cattle breeding stock and sides of responsibly-raised, grass-fed beef.


Located near beautiful Mossyrock, our farm began in 2001 on an original homestead site which grew into the Mossyrock Prairie and community. We specialize in Irish Dexter cattle, the increasingly popular choice for meat, milk and small farm sustainable living.


17. New Nandagram


Contact: (360) 496-0058

Online: billyandanuttama.wordpress.com Location:151 Anderson Rd., Glenoma, WA Open: Call for appointment

Activities/Services: On-farm activitites (Classes, tours, festivals etc)

Specialty: Cut flowers, Dairy, Grains, Vegetables


The purpose of our farm is to demonstrate a simple living, high thinking lifestyle in which we produce most of our necessities without exploiting animals or the land.  We have a dairy cow and trained oxen (resulting from breeding a cow every 2 years to ensure a milk supply) and grow and preserve fruits and vegetables grown on our farm.  We also offer cheese making classes and keep bees.


18. DeGoede Bulb Farm


Contact: (360)983-9000 or gaylec@degoedebulb.com 

Online: degoedebulbfarmretail.com Location: 409 Mossyrock Rd. West Mossyrock, WA 98564 Open: Feb., Mar. 9-5pm, Apr., May 9-6pm and Sundays...June through Dec. 9-5pm.  Closed July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving 

Activities/Services: On-farm sales

Specialty: Berries (blue, straw, rasp, etc.), Christmas trees, Cut flowers, Oils/lotions/soaps, Ornamental Plants, Trees/shrubs, Vegetable/herb plants, Seeds, houseplants, annuals, perennials, organic selections and native plants


Family owned business located in beautiful Cowlitz River Valley on Hwy. 12, exit 68 on I-5, 18 mi. East. Specializing in farm grown perennials, hanging baskets, bulbs, annuals, variety of nursery products including many fruits/berries. Stock rotates weekly. Enjoy a stroll in the show garden, gift shop and refreshments.


19. Berryblue Llama Farm


Owners: Miller Contact: (360)623-9532 or camseven.miller@gmail.com 

Location: Call for address Open: Contact for appointment

Activities/Services: On-farm sales

Specialty: Berries (blue, straw, rasp, etc.), Eggs, Fiber, Small Fruits (grapes, kiwi, etc.), Tree Fruits, Rarely, there may honey comb, vegetables. But raspberry canes late fall/winter for planting often need re homing.


As steward of my small acreage, less than 15 miles E of I-5, what I raise and share is lovely tended organically. The 1st offerings are typically available near the end of June.  These large luscious raspberries also offer a 2nd crop close to the end of August, continuing throughout the fall when our summers aren't overly hot.  In any given year plums in June as well as mulberries, pears, apples, grape kiwi (usually Sept.-Oct. depending on fruit and variety) may be for sale or barter.Please call to check the availability of any of these awesome fruits, or eggs from my free range hens.



Owner: Adam Moir Contact: (360) 324-9115 or farm@moircountry.com

Online: MoirCountry.com - Moir Country Farm Facebook Location: 215 Macomber Rd., Chehalis Open: Call for appointment

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales, Wholesale, Sell at Farmers Markets

Specialty: Poultry, Beef, Pork


Moir Country Farm is family owned and operated. We take pride in providing the best in naturally raised beef, pork and chicken products (except for eggs) to our customers.


21. Wedin Farm


Owner: Kathleen L. Wedin & Galen R Wedin, DVM Contact: (360) 704-0083

Online: Wedin Farm Facebook Location: 560 Spooner Rd., Chehalis Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: Agritourism, Festival, On-Farm Sales, Sell at Farmers Markets

Specialty: Hay


Ours is a 100 year old Heritage Farm. We grow and sell hay through private sales. We also have Spring and Fall on-farm shows featuring antiques and art along with local agrifarm products (cheese, lavender, emu products and more). We also participate in the Tour de Farms in concert with the Ride the Willapa bike ride.


22. Buckleberry Farm


Contact:  (503) 998-1821 or Buckleberryfarmnw@gmail.com

Online:facebook.com/Buckleberryfarmnw, instagram.com/Buckleberryfarmnw Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services:  Community support agriculture (CSA), Sell at farmers markets

Specialty: Cut flowers, Eggs, Vegetables, Vegetable/herb plants


Run by a mother/daughter team committed to providing healthy food for our community and stewarding our land with sustainable practices.


23. Whistlekick Pygoras


Owner: Terri Kistler Contact: (360) 827-1126 or terri@whistlekickpygoras.com

Online: WhistlekickPygoras.com - Whistlekick Pygoras Facebook Location: Winlock; contact for specific directions Open: By appointment

Activities/Services: Agritourism, On-Farm Sales, Classes/Workshops, Online Store/Ordering

Specialty: Pygora fleece and Pygoras for sale; also "Raising Happy, Healthy Pygora Goats" - a comprehensive guide to raising Pygora goats.


Whistlekick Pygoras is home to registered Pygora goats with magnificent, soft, fluffy fiber and mischievous, playful personalities. We sell fine fiber for discriminating handspinners and incredibly soft yarn for knitters and crocheters. We occasionally have Pygora kids for sale. Whistlekick also is home to the author of "Raising Happy, Healthy Pygora Goats - everything you need to know about raising Pygoras". Visitors are welcome. If you'd like to know more about these wonderful goats, call for an appointment.


24. J. Foss Garden Flowers


Owner: Janet Foss Contact: (360) 978-4724 or jfossgarden@gmail.com

Online: JFossGardenFlowers.com Location: Chehalis/Onalaska Open: Memorial Day to Labor Day, or by appointment

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales, Wholesale

Specialty: Cut Flowers, Buckets of flowers for weddings


We grow cut flowers for florist, but offer some products through our roadside stand, great for everyday use, weddings, parties, gifts. We have a wide variety of flowers that differ throughout the season. We have special flowers.


25. Maughn Family Raw Honey


Owner: Dan Maughan Contact: (360) 748-0663 or ultramafic@netzero.net

Location: 123 Goff Rd., Chehalis Open: Call for Appointment

Activities/Services: Sell raw local honey, provide local bee pollination service, Sell at Farmers Markets

Specialty: Honey


We have gentle local bees. Our bees live in our yard with our cat and chickens. We also keep bees in our cow pasture. Our farm is surrounded by blackberries, and their nectar produces a wonderful fruity flavored honey. Our honey has won "best in class" at the Southwest Washington Fair. We also pollinate local crops for other farmers. Please come visit us.


26. JMH Enterprises


Owner: Jill Hartman Contact: (360) 262-9050 or admin@doormatz.com

Website: ThePondSite.com Location: 288 Forest Napavine Rd. E., Chehalis Open: April through September Wed - Sun 10am to 6pm; other months call for appointment

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales, Online Store/Ordering, Sell at Farmers Markets

Specialty: Water plants, marginals and decorative pond fish


We have range free eggs. We have two greenhouses dedicated to decorative water plants and decorative pond fish. Hardy pond plants and extra fish are outside the greenhouse on the property


27. Bone Dry Ridge


Owners: Selma Bjarnadottir Contact: (360) 273-1045 or selma@bonedryridgefarm.com

Online: BoneDryRidgeFarm.com Location: Call for directions Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales, Online Store/Ordering, Sell at Farmers Markets

Specialty: Beef, Lamb, Pork


We are a little bit of everything farm. We raise grass fed beef and lamb. Our pigs eat organic grain. We could be organic but we are not. Our motto is: if we were domesticated animals we would want to live on our farm".



Owner: BeverLee Contact: (360) 281-4514 or lewiscountyfarms@gmail.com

Online: Lewis County Farms Facebook Location: 107 Pinkerton Rd & U.S. Highway 12, Ethel

Activities/Services: U-Pick, Festival, On-Farm Sales, Sell at Farmers Markets

Specialty: Small Fruits (grapes/kiwi, etc.), Tree Fruits, Berries (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, misc. such as currants, etc), Value added (jams, jellies/preserves)


A must stop for delicious farm fresh fruits and vegetables in Ethel, Washington! Open from mid-May through late July or early August (depending on product availability), we offer strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, watermelons, cantaloupe, tomatoes, green beans, artichokes, kale, serrano, jalapeno and habanero peppers, and yellow, red and green bell peppers. Our fruit and vegetable selection varies based on product availability and will change throughout the season. Please call (360) 281-4514 daily to check current product availability. This location also offers a wide variety of inflatable amusements for children ages 2-12 to play on.


29. Bunker Creek Berry Patch


Owner: Jeff and Shereen Bennight Contact: (360) 740-7771 or (253) 988-5347 or shereen.bennight@gmail.com

Online: Bunker Creek Berry Patch Facebook Location: 214 Bunker Creek Rd., Chehalis

Activities/Services: U-Pick, On-Farm Sales

Specialty: Small Fruits/Berries


Bunker Creek Berry Patch offers 8 varieties of highly nutritious, pesticide free blueberries, grown using organic practices. The farm is located near the Chehalis river on historic property. We encourage you to pick your own and make a day of it, or call ahead with your order and we will have it ready for you. The farm is kid friendly with a resident pony who loves attention! Open July through August. Please call ahead for berry availability.



Owner: Josh Hyatt and Melissa Henderson Contact: (360) 269-6102

Online: NewaukumValleyFarm.com - Newaukum Valley Farm Facebook Location: 482 Spooner Rd., Chehalis Open: Wednesday's June - October: 1p - 7p

Activities/Services: Agritourism, Venue Rental, On-Farm Sales, Wholesale

Specialty: Vegetables, Tree Fruits, Garlic


We grow a wide variety of certified organic vegetables in the Chehalis River Valley. You can find our produce at the Olympia Food Co-op's or on the menus of local restaurants. Drive to our farm stand or bike to it on the Willapa Hills trail. Attend one of our seasonal farm to table dinners featuring chefs from the restaurants we work with and goods from local producers. Visit our website for more information about our events and directions to the farm.


31. Mill Creek Home Grown


Owner: Earl Miller Contact: (360) 520-0974 or Millcreekhomegrown@gmail.com

Online: MillCreekHomeGrown.com - Mill Creek Home Grown Facebook Location: 5010 Jackson Hwy., Toledo Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales

Specialty: Beef, Hay


Mill Creek HomeGrown offers grass fed and finished beef. Born and raised on farm with all natural practices. 20 pound minimum for all orders.


32. Telegraph Farm


Owner: Rachael Reiton Contact: (360) 269-4930 or rachaelis@gmail.com

Online: TelegraphFarm.com - Telegraph Farm Facebook Location: 457 Telegraph Rd., Winlock Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: Agritourism, On-Farm Sales, Classes/Workshops, Sell at Farmers Markets

Specialty:Vegetables, Tree Fruits, Eggs, Cut Flowers, Hay


Pack goat adventures and other small farm ventures


33. Olde Achers Farm


Owner: Brett and Marie Shankle Contact: (360) 985-0662 or oldeachersfarm@tds.net

Online: Olde Achers Farm Facebook Location: 142 Harms Rd., Ethel Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: Sell at Farmers Markets

Specialty: Vegetables, Tree Fruits, Berries (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, misc. such as currants, etc), Eggs, Vegetable/Herb plants


"Lettuce Grow It For You!" Chemical free growing by 2 retired military folks who just love playing in the dirt! Need something special, large quantity? We grow to order. Find us at these Farmer's Markets: Centralia, Chehalis, and Morton.


34. Raintree Nursery


Contact: 360-496-6400, customerservice@raintreenursery.com 

Online: raintreenursery.com Location: 408 Butts Road, Morton WA 98356 Open: Daily 10am-4pm

Activities/Services: Online store/ordering 

Specialty: Berries (blue, straw, rasp, etc.), Tree Fruits, Trees/shrubs


Raintree Nursery sells edible plants from around the world. We sell over 1000 varieties of fruit trees, berries, nut trees and vines. In August-October we offer free orchard tours and U-Pick for fruits and berries.


35. Johnson Creek Farm


Owner: Mark & Tammi Johnson Contact: (360) 864-8001 or Johnsoncrkgarlic@gmail.com

Location: Call for directions Open: May - October: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales

Specialty: Vegetables, Poultry, Other Meat/Exotic Animals:, Vegetable/Herb plants


We grow 21 varieties of garlic, vegetable starts seasonally, turkeys seasonally, variety of potted flowering plants.


36. Autumn Hills Woolens Fiber Farm


Contact:360-623-5398, autumnhillswoollens@live.com 

Online: localharvest.org/autumn-hills-woollens-sheep-co--M14778 Location: 685 Boistfort rd, Curtis, WA Open: 10am-2pm

Activities/Services: On Farm Activities (Classes, tours, festivals etc), On farm sales

Specialty: Fiber, Lamb


We have a 27 acre sheep farm in western Washington State approx. 45 miles SW of Olympia.  We use the sheep to train our border collies.  We sell lamb (for meat) and fiber.  We raise Bluefaced Leicester, Gotland and BFL/Gotland cross sheep.  The fiber is fine and excellent for spinning and knitting.


37. Salmon Creek Meats


Owner: Joe and Sona Markholt Contact: (360) 985-7822 or scm7822@hughes.net

Online: SalmonCreekMeats Location: 139 Koons Rd., Mossyrock Open: Summer/Fall, M-F, 9-5; Sat 10-4. Winter/Spring, T-F, 9-5; Sat 10-4

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales

Specialty: Beef, Lamb, Pork, Other Meat/Exotic Animals:, Old-fashioned sausage making, free of chemicals, nitrates, allergens or preservatives. Custom meat cutting and wrappin of our farm raised meat, and meat raised and brought in by our customers.


We came to Lewis County to raise our daughter, start a farm and a custom meat cutting business. We found a community that offers support to their fellow humans. It is our goal to offer humanely raised meat at affordable prices without antibiotics, hormones, nitrates, allergens or chemicals. We support our fellow and future farmers to help secure a locally raised food supply. We also offer custom meat cutting, wrapping and chemical free sausage making. We are fortunate to live in Lewis County which supports farming.


38. Best Family Farms


Owner:Brandon Best Contact: (360) 350-2324 or bestfamilyfarms@gmail.com

Location: 139 Old Hwy 603, Chehalis Open: June 19th - October 31st: Friday - Monday 10am-7pm

Activities/Services: CSA, Festival, On-Farm Sales, Classes/Workshops, Children/Family activities

Specialty: Vegetables, Berries (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, misc. such as currants, etc), Eggs, Vinegars/Pickeled/Fermented Products, Value added (jams, jellies/preserves), Vegetable/Herb plants


Best Family Farms is a Certified Homegrown by Heroes Veteran owned farm. We grow our vegetables without herbicides, pesticides or chemicals. We have a farm stand where we sell our fresh picked vegetables, value added products and locally grown fruit.


39. LBH Ranch


Owner: Sue sorg Contact: (360) 791-7160 or Ssorg6@gmail.com

Location: 676 Haywire Rd., Chehalis Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales

Specialty: Poultry, Eggs, Lamb, Fiber (wool, etc.)


I have eggs, poultry, lamb ,mini horses and wool.


40. Coffee Creek Community & Gardens


Owner: Mokey Skinner Contact: (360) 807-4949 or CoffeeCreekCommunity@gmail.com

Online: CoffeeCreekCommunityGardens.com - Coffee Creek Community & Gardens Facebook Location: Call for directions Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: CSA, Agritourism, On-Farm Sales, Sell at Farmers Markets

Specialty: Vegetables, Small Fruits (grapes/kiwi, etc.), Tree Fruits, Berries (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, misc. such as currants, etc), Poultry, Eggs, Lamb, Pork, Cut Flowers, Vegetable/Herb plants, Fruit trees/shrubs, Ornamental Potted Plants/Shrubs


Coffee Creek is a market garden, CSA, and homestead in Centralia, WA. This woman owned and operated farm focuses on educating the next generation of farmers through the experiences of growing great food in a strong, land-based community!


41. Vienna Gardens


Contact: 703-981-3798 or viennagardenspnw@gmail.com

Online: instagram.com/viennagardenspnw Location: 293 Gershick Rd, Silver Creek, WA 98585 Open: May-October 

Activities/Services: On Farm Activities (Classes, tours, festivals etc), On farm sales, Sell at farmers markets, Wholesale

Specialty: Berries (blue, straw, rasp, etc.), Cut flowers, Eggs, Tree Fruits, Vegetables, Vegetable/herb plants


We are a small, ecological focused farm that cares deeply about soil health & management while practicing no-till methods, growing food chemically free, & incorporating permaculture practices. We grow what we sell including leafy greens, lettuces, root crops, herbs, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and more including fresh cut flowers & pastured eggs.


42. Burnt Ridge Nursery Ridge & Orchards


Contact: 360-985-2873, mail@burntridgenursery.com 

Online: burntridgenursery.com Location: 349 WA-508, Chehalis Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: Mail Order farm products

Specialty: Apples, kiwi, berries, chestnuts, blueberries, mulberries, and Asian pears.


Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchards is a family owned farm, in business since 1980.  Our farm is located in the foot hills of the cascade mountains with a distant view of Mt. St. Helens.  Our mail order nursery specializes in desearse resistant bushes and trees that provide edible fruits or nuts and native plants.  We also have 20 acres of certified organic fruit and nuts.


43. August Moon Blueberry Farm


Owner: Stephanie Grose Contact: (360) 520-2602 or stephaniegrose@tds.net

Online: August Moon Blueberry Farm Facebook Location: 164 Damron Rd., Mossyrock Open: Open in blueberry season and by appointment

Activities/Services: U-Pick, On-Farm Sales

Specialty: Blueberries


We are a small organic u-pick, we-pick farm. Our season usually begins in the middle of July but depending on the weather and lasts 3-4 weeks. We have the variety Blue Crop. We will be open most days during the season, mornings. We do take an occasional day off during the season so please call ahead. We quit around 12 to 2 in the afternoon when it gets warm. I have many clients that enjoy coming in the evening so if you like, and call ahead, we can make arrangements for someone to meet you at the farm stand.


44. Camp Singing Wind


Contact: 360-864-2476 or Joannelynndennis@gmail.com

Online: facebook.com/campsingingwindtoledo Location: 8263 US-12, Glenoma Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: On Farm Activities (Classes, tours, festivals etc)



Camp Singing Wind is a family farm, community center, and Airbnb dedicated to sustainable living. We bring together local farmers to provide custom agri-tourism experiences for all ages. The community center is also available to rent for your next green gathering.


45. Kiona Native Plants


Owner: Meredith Cruz Contact: (971) 219-0708 or kionanativeplants@gmail.com

Location: Call for Location Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: Wholesale, On-Farm Sales, Sell at Farmers Markets

Specialty: Native Plants


Kiona Native Plants is a small, fledgling nursery located in beautiful Rainey Valley. We specialize in the propagation of flowering native perennials.


46. Hayseed Acres


Owner: Jerry McFarland Contact: 360-216-5295 or jerrymcfarland@hayseedacres.org 

Online: hayseedacres.org Location: 1979 WA-508 Onalaska, WA. 98570 Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales

Specialty: Other meats/exotic animals, Vegetable/herb plants

Hayseed Acres is a new farm in Lewis County. We have been in business for just over a year and are finally getting licensed with WSDA for on-farm sales this year (2019). As years progress so will the farm to include a wide variety of fresh farm raised meats and produce for sales to the public.


47. Lincoln Creek Events


Owner: Patrick and Lynn Mahoney Contact: (360) 736-2585 or lynn.mahoney@outlook.com, utc828@yahoo.com

Location: 828 Lincoln Creek Rd., Centralia Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales, Classes/Workshops

Specialty: Hay, Irish Sport horses


Grass Hay available in the field, call for large load delivery. Irish Sport Horse young stock available. Come see our nice young horses!


48. Silver Cat Farm


Contact: 425-344-8058, silvercatfarm@gmail.com 

Open: Call for appointment

Activities/Services: On Farm Activities (Classes, tours, festivals etc), On farm sales

Specialty: Fiber, Winery/Distillery/Brewery, honey-based wines


Handcrafted honey-based wines created in an eco-friendly environment and artisan wool and hides from heritage breed sheep, lovingly produced by a family business.


49. Black Sheep Creamery



Owner: Brad Gregory Contact: (360) 345-1507 or Blacksheepcreamery@gmail.com

Online: BlackSheepCreamery.com - Black Sheep Creamery Facebook Location: 570 N Market Blvd., Chehalis Open: Monday - Saturday 10am to 6pm

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales, Wholesale

Specialty: Fiber (wool, etc.), Cheese


Black Sheep Creamery makes sheep milk cheese from our flock of East Freisian/Lacuane dairy sheep. We also process the wool into roving and yarn. Visit and view the creamery in historic downtown Chehalis.


50. Riverside Farms


Owner: Crockett Contact: (360)269-1783 or tim.crockett@live.com 

Online: www.facebook.com/thepumpkinpatch/ Location: 506 Goodrich Rd. Centralia Open: we open when the sweet corn is ripe in August and are open daily (self serve) We open the pumpkin Patch the last weekend in September. We are open every day in November from 10 am until Dark.

Activities/Services:  On Farm Activities (Classes, tours, festivals etc), On farm sales, Wholesale

Speciality: Vegetables, Fall ornamentals, corn stalk bundles, straw bales, many winter squash varieties.


We are a small family farm established in 1943. Great corn picked fresh each day. Fall is fun for the whole family, a great variety of pumpkin, all kinds of winter squash, hay rides, a small corn maze, and a pumpkin chunker.


51. Rehoboth Ranch


Owner: Robin Cox Contact: (360) 520-3553 or rehobothranchwa@gmail.com

Online: RehobothRanchWA.blogspot.com - Rehoboth Ranch Facebook Location: 1630 Winlock-Vader Rd., Winlock Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: Agritourism, On-Farm Sales, Wholesale, Children/Family activities

Specialty: Eggs, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Other Meat/Exotic Animals:, Hay


Small family farm offering all natural grass fed meats (beef, pork, lamb, goat), eggs, and hay. If the free range chicken's haven't eaten them all you might even find some fresh strawberries and blueberries to pick! Open year around, by appointment, for anyone wanting to come hang out in the country. "...He named it Rehoboth saying, 'Now the Lord has given us room and we will flourish in the land.'" Genesis 26:22


52. Debbie's Veggies


Owner: Debra Stewart Contact: (360) 807-2062 or richanddeb@localaccess.com

Location: Call for address Open: Open by appointment

Activities/Services: On-Farm Sales

Specialty: vegetables, berries, tree fruits, beef


53. Gethsemane Gardens


Contact: (360) 880-1953 or richanddeb@localaccess.com 

Location: 106 brookside lane, chehalis Open: Open by appointment 

Activities/Services: Sells at the farmers market 

Specialty: Fiber, ornamental plants


Gethsemane Gardens produces succulent plantings, wall hangings, terrariums, hand crafted displays, perennials and annuals. Also supply natural farm fibers for the birds and those who appreciate quality crafting materials.


54. Mallonee Family Farm LLC


Owner: Maynard Mallonee Contact: (360) 245-3733

Location: 2066 Wildwood Road, Curtis, Wa 98538 Open: Open by appointment




55. Four Cedars Apiary


Owners: Dave & Kathy Contact: (360)496-4136 or via website

Online: https://fourcedarsapiary.com/ Location: Call for address Open: Always open

Activitities/Services: Online sales

Speciality: Honey products, beeswax candles, soap


We are a small business in the Pacific Northwest with a passion of beekeeping, honey production and using honey and beeswax in a way that honors the bees and is beautiful but practical use for people. 


56. Hidden Vale Farm


Contact: (360)269-0637 or hiddenvalefarm@gmail.com

Online:www.hiddenvalefarm.com Location: (Mailing address) PO Box 1182, Toledo, WA 98591 Open: Monday-Friday 8-6

Activities/Services: Online store/ordering, Sell at farmers markets, U-pick, Wholesale

Speciality: Oils/lotions/soaps


Handmade, 100% All Natural, Beeswax Skin Care. As a beekeeper, I know the wonderful moisturizing qualities of beeswax, and so make all my skin care products from beeswax, and other high quality 100% all natural ingredients.


Contact: (360) 985-0662 Online: CentraliaFarmersMarket.org - Centralia Farmer's Market Facebook Location: Centralia Outlets (Vanity Fair lot) Open: May to September, Fridays: 11a to 4p


The Centralia Farmers Market is the oldest market in Lewis County. We offer a wide range of products from vegetable seedlings to baked goods to locally grown meats and freshly harvested fruits and vegetables.


Contact: info@chehalisfarmersmarket.com Online: ChehalisFarmersMarket.com - Community Farmer's Market in Chehalis Facebook Location: Boistfort St. in downtown Chehalis Open: June 5th to October 30, Tuesdays: 11a to 4p and May 11th to September 21st Fridays 4p-7p


Community Farmers Market's mission is to promote a healthy food system through agriculture by providing a community gathering place for local farmers and artisans to sell their products. Our vendors are local farmers that provide fresh local fruits, vegetables, and more to you! We offer hot food, live music, and a kids program at the market too!


Contact: (360) 496-6881 Online: Morton Farmer's Market Website - Morton Farmer's Market Facebook Location: Located at 700 Main St. ~ Gus Backstrom Park Open: May to September, Saturdays, 10a to 3p


Morton Farmers Market is a brand new market serving East Lewis County.


Contact: (360) 496-4373 Online: Packwood Farmer's Market Facebook Location: Located in downtown Packwood Open: June to mid-October, Saturdays, 9a to 1p


The Packwood Farmers Market is a small burgeoning market located on the lawn of the Mountain Goat Coffee Company, Saturday mornings during the summer. Our mission is to provide a place for the talents and bounty of this beautiful valley to be shared, and to enrich the community by providing a fun and festive gathering. We look forward to seeing you there!


Contact: (360) 245-3339 or rebambrose@yahoo.com Location: Located in downtown Pe Ell Open: June to September, Saturdays, 8a to 12p



Contact: winlockmarket@gmail.com Online: Winlock Saturday Market Facebook Location: Located at 305 E. Walnut St. in Winlock Open: June to September, Saturdays, 10a to 3p


Winlock Saturday Market - Featuring Local Farmers & Artisans from our community. Come taste the local flavor every Saturday. We offer a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables as well as plant materials, delicious pulled pork lunch and activities such as cider pressing. Come experience our local flavor!


Online: Toledo Thursday Market Facebook Location: Located at the Toledo Downtown Boat Launch Open: May 10 to October 11, Thursdays, 3p to 7p


Handmade and Homegrown products.

The season is long and the foods are plentiful. Come enjoy the harvest almost every day of the week here in Lewis County.


Places to stay nearby

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Chehalis, North
Starting at: $118.00

Candalite Mansion

Centralia, North

Centralia Motel 6

Centralia, North
Starting at: $46.00

Centralia Square Grand Ballroom & Hotel

Centralia, North
Starting at: $54.00

Places to eat nearby

Dawn's Delectables

204 N. Tower Ave.,
Centralia, WA 98531
(360) 807-4393

DQ Grill & Chill

701 Harrison Ave.,
Centralia, WA 98531
(360) 736-0218

Vicky's Salvadorean Restaurant

1409 S. Gold St.,
Centralia, WA 98531
(360) 736-0298


1201 Lum Road,
Centralia, WA 98531
(360) 736-0663

McMenamins Olympic Club & New Tourist Bar

112 N. Tower Ave.,
Centralia, WA 98531
(360) 736-5164

Heymann Whinery

731 SW 21st St.,
Chehalis, WA 98531
(360) 748-9675

Grabajava Espresso

1249 S. Market Blvd.,
Chehalis, WA
(360) 748-8231

Tacos El Rey

403 S. Tower Ave.
Centralia, WA 98531
(360) 736-9412

Upcoming events in the area

Coach Train Excursion to Milburn

June 27-September 26, 2020 from 1:00pm-8:30am

Riverview Train Excursion to Ruth

June 27-September 26, 2020 from 5:00pm-5:00pm

Riverview Dinner Train

July 18-August 22, 2020 from 5:00pm-5:00pm

Murder Mystery Dinner Train

July 25-October 24, 2020 from 5:00pm-7:00pm