New business in Chehalis downtown
Black Sheep Creamery Storefront

A full-fledged cheesemaking operation that has made its home in Adna for a decade has begun production in downtown Chehalis, and its joint venture with a new yarn shop will open within weeks.

Black Sheep Creamery has begun producing cheese out of its new home at 570 N. Market Blvd. and will open a storefront there soon, coinciding with the launch of Ewe and I, a new yarn store scheduled to fully open October 23.

Owners Meg and Brad Gregory, who have operated Black Sheep Creamery for 11 years off Bunker Creek Road in Adna, gave Discover Lewis County a look inside their new shop. Most everything is just about done, paving the way for a major piece of Lewis County agritourism to open right in the heart of the Mint City (or Rose City, whichever one prefers).

People who shop at the yarn store will be able to peek in through a window and watch employees make the cheese just feet away, getting a glimpse of the process that brings just one of the area's many fresh local products to fruition in front of their very eyes. As for Black Sheep's section of the store, it will contain a coffee counter with a deli case for those needing a cup of joe and a bite to eat — and you'll be able to purchase a wide variety of the cheese that Black Sheep Creamery has become known for locally and regionally.

It's definitely an exciting development for the Gregorys and for a community that's already home to the largest farmers' market in Lewis County, the Community Farmers Market in Chehalis. Be sure to follow their Facebook pages (Black Sheep Creamery & Ewe And I) for more information as they get closer to opening!

—Sept. 21, 2015