Trout Stocking Time for Area Lakes

Great news for fishermen is here, as trout are being stocked in area lakes this fall!

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has stocked 250 trout in Mineral Lake in East Lewis County and 85 at Carlisle Lake in Onalaska. They’ll soon be stocking Fort Borst Lake in Centralia and South Lewis County Park Pond near Toledo with 2,000 fish each in late November. The trout come from hatcheries around the state.

Mineral Lake is home to several resorts, as its picturesque location above the community of Mineral gives it a front-row view to the beauty of Mount Rainier. It’s known for its abundance of rainbow trout.

Carlisle Lake in Onalaska was once a mill pond and has been beautifully restored in recent years with a walking and running trail that circumnavigates its waters. Trout are regularly released in the lake, and the Onalaska Alliance is working to improve fish habitat in the area.

Fort Borst Lake is a popular fishing spot inCentralia for families. A gravel pit in its earlier years, the lake is open for fishing April through February.

And finally, South Lewis County Park Pond south of Toledo is stocked yearly with rainbow trout by WDFW and again under an agreement with Tacoma Power from mid-March to May.

As always, click on any of the lakes linked in blue above to find out more about those lakes specifically; also, click on the names of the towns and cities to learn more about them as well as find places to eat and lodging opportunities there too!