Chasing Fall Colors: A Guide to Lewis County, Washington’s Autumn Wonderland

Oct 30, 2023

As the crisp autumn breeze begins to weave its way through the Pacific Northwest, Lewis County, unveils its vibrant fall foliage, painting the landscape with hues of red, orange, and gold. If you’re a leaf-peeping enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates the breathtaking beauty of fall, Lewis County is your ideal destination. Here are a few top spots to discover enchanting fall color in this scenic corner of the world.

1.  Gifford-Pinchot National Forest: A Canvas of Colors

One of the crown jewels of Lewis County, the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, transforms into a mesmerizing canvas during the fall season. The forest’s diverse array of tree species, including maples, alders, and larch trees, creates a vivid tapestry of colors. Hike through the forest trails and witness the foliage come alive.  It’s a paradise for photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.

2.  White Pass Scenic Byway: Where Beauty Meets the Road

The White Pass Scenic Byway offers a scenic drive through the heart of Lewis County. This route is a visual feast for fall color aficionados. The highway winds through dense forests, mountain passes, and charming rural communities, providing ample opportunities to witness the changing leaves up close. Be sure to stop at viewpoints along the way to capture the panoramic vistas with your camera.

3.  Mayfield Lake: Reflections of Fall

Mayfield Lake, surrounded by rolling hills and thick woods, is a tranquil oasis that reflects the autumnal beauty of its surroundings. Take a leisurely boat ride or simply sit by the shore and marvel at the kaleidoscope of colors mirrored in the lake’s pristine waters. It’s a serene experience that perfectly encapsulates the essence of fall in Lewis County.

4.  Lewis and Clark State Park: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Lewis and Clark State Park offers a combination of old-growth forests, riverfront views, and hiking trails that lead you through the heart of fall splendor. The park’s well-maintained paths take you beneath canopies of changing leaves, providing a serene ambiance for a peaceful fall hike. Keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife, as the park’s diverse ecosystem comes to life in the fall months.

5.  Centralia and Chehalis: Quaint Towns Drenched in Autumn Charm

The towns of Centralia and Chehalis are not only charming but also perfect for experiencing fall in a local setting. Stroll through tree-lined streets adorned with vibrant leaves, explore farmers’ markets offering seasonal produce, and indulge in warm beverages at cozy cafes. These towns are not just gateways to natural beauty but also destinations in their own right during the fall season.

Lewis County invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey through a landscape ablaze with the colors of fall. From dense forests and scenic byways to tranquil lakeshores and charming towns, this corner of the Pacific Northwest offers a diverse range of fall color locations waiting to be explored. So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and immerse yourself in the autumn wonderland that is Lewis County. Happy leaf-peeping!