Dryad Community Church

The last remaining public building in the community of Dryad is the Doty/Dryad Community Baptist Church, currently holding service for over 30 members in the small community east of Pe Ell.

Doty and Dryad grew from the four shingle mills and one sawmill that thrived in the area, and were once the largest lumber mill towns between Raymond and Chehalis until 1930 when the mills began shutting down.

The church began services in 1903, but after dwindling economic opportunities caused the towns’ populations to decrease in the 1960s, the “Faithful Four” were the last four members of the congregation.

Today the church is expanding and growing with over 30 members, and thanks to significant restorations to the building, the Dryad Community Church continues to operate as a center for the tight-knit community.

The historic building contains several stained glass window installations, and also features its historic bell above the front steps facing Olive Street.


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