Mount St. Helens

Get up close and see the shifting landscape of a volcano that erupted more than three decades ago, forever altering its corner of southwest Washington. Mount St. Helens is one of the most popular tourist destinations in our state, and Lewis County serves as the gateway to the mountain's east and south sides.

Take the route through Randle to Windy Ridge for the rugged view that's perfect for hikers, mountain bikers and the adventurous. Witness the sudden change in your surroundings as the green of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest becomes a seemingly deserted landscape, marking the entry into the blast zone. Put on your hiking shoes and explore the surrounding trails, and see life regenerate through plants and animals that now call the mountain's shadow home.

Go through Toledo for the grand day tour that's perfect for the entire family! Experience the volcano from Johnston Ridge, home to a major visitor's center and a perfect spot from which to see the massive crater created in the 1980 eruption. Hear forest rangers talk about the history of the area and see the surrounding landscape up close, and hike some of the surrounding trails that tell the story of life's regeneration.

The trip to Mount St. Helens is an awe-inspiring one, and is a must-do for the entire family. Choose your route below, and select any of the major tourist activities contained within to learn more.