About Us

There was a call, a need and a desire for a project that would help highlight, showcase and promote all that Lewis County has to offer to people visiting our beautiful region. Through the imagination of the Lewis County Information Technology Department, an online county-wide tourism website was born. DiscoverLewisCounty.com made its debut August 1, 2015.

The project was to be built from the ground up and remain dynamic. Our mission was and is to create a website that showcases events to experience, things to do, and places to eat; serves as a resource that will help visitors find a place to rest their head and stay awhile; and ultimately gives people a glimpse of the many wonderful adventures awaiting visitors to discover in Lewis County. We work tirelessly each day striving to enhance and continue with this great mission.

Our site continues to grow, with new content and adventures added every day. This original vision was made possible by the support of the Lewis County Commissioners and the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee.

We aim to reach our audience in a multitude of formats, create more opportunities to work more closely with our stakeholders, and overall continually improve our content and design to make discoverlewiscounty.com a better resource and experience for our guests. We aim to highlight, showcase, and promote all that Lewis County has to offer the people visiting our beautiful region or businesses considering our area for their industry and development possibilities.

Discover Lewis County Team members include:

TAMARA HAYES / Executive Director

ISAAC FREEMAN / Project Manager

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