Discover Lewis County Unveils Bold New Strategic Plan for a Thriving Future

Mar 13, 2023

Discover Lewis County is thrilled to announce the launch of its ambitious and forward-looking strategic plan, aimed at ensuring the continued growth, prosperity, and enhancement of the region’s appeal for residents and visitors alike.

As a premier destination in the beautiful state of Washington, Lewis County is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and vibrant communities. Discover Lewis County, the county’s official destination marketing organization, has developed this comprehensive strategic plan to build upon its successes and chart a dynamic course for the future.

The strategic plan encompasses key objectives, including:

Promotion of Lewis County as a Premier Destination: Discover Lewis County will intensify efforts to market the county as a top-tier destination, highlighting its natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities,  and vibrant communities. This will include innovative marketing campaigns, targeted outreach, and partnerships with local businesses and attractions.

Enhanced Visitor Experience: The plan emphasizes the enhancement of visitor experiences by Creating A Guide Program For Lewis County, developing branded merchandise and fostering a welcoming atmosphere for guests. This will involve collaborations with local stakeholders to create memorable moments for visitors.

Sustainable Tourism Practices: Discover Lewis County is committed to responsible tourism. The plan outlines initiatives to minimize the environmental impact of tourism activities while promoting eco-friendly practices within the community.

Support for Local Businesses: The plan includes measures to support local businesses, from small shops to restaurants, lodging establishments, and service providers. By partnering with these businesses, Discover Lewis County aims to boost economic development and provide visitors with authentic, local experiences.

Community Engagement: The strategic plan underscores the importance of engaging with local communities, listening to their input, and involving them in tourism-related decisions. It aims to foster a sense of pride and ownership among residents regarding their role in promoting Lewis County.

Discover Lewis County invites all community members, local businesses, and stakeholders to participate in this exciting journey towards a thriving and sustainable future.