Celebrating Eight Decades of the Morton Loggers Jubilee

Jul 27, 2023

The 80th Morton Loggers Jubilee, August 10-13, marks a significant milestone in honoring the industrious men and women who have contributed to the rich legacy of the logging industry. For eight decades, this annual event has brought together loggers, their families, and logging enthusiasts from all around to celebrate the heritage, hard work, and camaraderie that define this rugged and essential industry.

The Morton Loggers Jubilee began in 1943 as a small community gathering in Morton, where logging has been a way of life for generations. The event was initially organized to showcase the impressive skills of local loggers and promote the region’s logging industry. Over the years, it evolved into a grand festival celebrating the logging profession and the people who have worked tirelessly to shape the industry.

At the heart of the jubilee are the thrilling logging competitions that test the skills and strength of participants. Events such as log rolling, ax throwing, tree climbing, and the exciting speed climbing challenge, where loggers race up a tall pole, captivate the audience and showcase the exceptional talents of these lumberjacks and lumberjills.  Watching the always-entertaining lawnmower races is a fan favorite as these souped-up machines zoom around a challenging course.

The jubilee features an awe-inspiring parade of modern and vintage logging equipment. Family-friendly activities include live music performances, arts and crafts vendors, and a variety of delicious food options, making it a joyful experience for everyone.  A cherished tradition during the festival is the coronation of the Jubilee Queen. Young women from the community vie for this honor, representing the logging industry’s spirit of unity and pride.

The 80th Morton Loggers Jubilee promises to be a grand celebration of tradition, hard work, and unity, paying tribute to the logging industry’s legacy while embracing the challenges and opportunities of the future. This annual event not only honors the loggers and their families but also reminds us of the invaluable contributions they make to society and the environment.

Find more information at the Morton Loggers Jubilee website.