Water Safety for All

It’s hard to beat a day on the water! But however you choose to enjoy our lakes and waterways, keep these key tips in mind for a safe and enjoyable time.

Cold Water Danger:

Cold water can pose serious risks, including hypothermia and decreased muscle function. Exercise caution and be mindful of the water temperature to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Be mindful in spring and early summer when temperatures outside are warm, yet lakes are VERY cold and rivers are running fast with snowmelt.

Life Jackets Save Lives:

Always wear a properly fitting life jacket when engaging in water activities, especially if you’re boating, kayaking, or participating in any water sports.

Know Your Limits:

Be aware of your swimming abilities and avoid going beyond your comfort zone. Strong currents and changing conditions can pose risks.

Supervise Children:

Keep a close eye on children near water. Ensure they wear appropriate life jackets and are supervised at all times.

Check Weather Conditions:

Stay informed about current and forecasted weather conditions. Avoid water activities during storms or when adverse weather is expected.

Buddy System:

Never swim alone. Always have a buddy, and keep an eye out for each other. In case of an emergency, having someone with you can make a significant difference.

Understand Water Features:

Be cautious of underwater hazards, such as rocks, debris, or sudden drop-offs. Familiarize yourself with the water’s terrain and currents before entering.

Follow Posted Guidelines:

Pay attention to posted signs and guidelines at lakes and rivers. They often contain important information about potential risks and safety measures.

Respect Wildlife:

Keep a safe distance from wildlife in and around the water. Avoid disturbing their habitats, and observe from a distance.

By following these tips, you contribute to a secure and enjoyable environment for yourself and fellow adventurers. Have a wonderful time exploring the waters of Lewis County!