Chehalis River

The Chehalis paints our fields a vibrant shade of green, especially in the Boistfort Valley and other agriculture-rich regions. It also carries Rainbow Falls through the Doty area, a small yet gently rushing waterfall that is so named for its spray creating a rainbow when the light hits it right.

Several recreational opportunities abound in areas near the river. Rainbow Falls State Park offers camping in close proximity to the river, and multiple fishing opportunities along the river’s edge abound. The Riverside Golf Club in Chehalis takes advantage of the river with picturesque scenery along its contours.

A newer recreational trail, the Discovery Trail, follows a 1.5-mile stretch of the river north of Centralia city limits along an area that has recently been replanted to help stabilize its shorelines.

Several activities are held in the Chehalis River each year, most notably the Pe Ell River Run which brings together intrepid adventure seekers in the springtime.

Fort Borst Park - A boat launch is available on the back end of Fort Borst Park adjacent to the soccer fields on Pioneer Way. Owned and operated by the city of Centralia, this boat launch point is available during park hours. More information is here.

Rainbow Falls State Park - Freshwater fishing is available along the banks of the Chehalis River at this park located just about 8 miles east of Pe Ell on State Route 6. Enjoy simply viewing the falls or hiking adjacent to the river too! More information available here.


Places to stay nearby

Chehalis River Cabin

Doty/Dryad, West
Starting at: $125.00

Rainbow Falls State Park

Doty/Dryad, West, Adna, Pe Ell, Boistfort
Starting at: $27.00

Places to eat nearby

Coffee Outfitters

108 Bunker Creek Road,
Adna, WA
(360) 748-9100

Pe Ell Pub

205 N. Main St.,
Pe Ell, WA 98572
(360) 291-2707

Sweet Chehalis

1133 State Route 6
Adna, WA
(360) 840-5229

Jones Creek Brewing

173 Beam Road Chehalis, WA 98532

(360) 245-3429
See website

Evey's Cafe

416 N. Main St.,
Pe Ell, WA 98572
(360) 291-9902

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